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Please note that streaming is not available in all countries, due to broadcast restrictions. If you are unable to view the live stream, you should find coverage on your local TV network.

2016 Finals – Full Matches

Mixed Doubles Women’s Singles Men’s Singles Women’s Doubles Men’s Doubles

  • hanzhimeng

    First to comment I have no life. :-p

    • Jonathon Stone

      Glad to have you watching. What’s your favourite match so far?

      • hanzhimeng

        can we have streaming on all four courts?

        • Jonathon Stone

          Unfortunately not. The live stream will run through the whole week, and cover all semi-final and final matches.

  • Josh Reardon

    This is awesome, I’m going to try and watch there, forgot it started today so glad there’s a live stream!

    • Jonathon Stone

      We are streaming every day, however finals stream dependent on your country as some countries will have TV coverage instead.

  • Soham Rege

    Thanks for the stream ,this is great. court 2 has audio , is it possible court 1 can too ?

    • Jonathon Stone

      We’ll try to get it sorted. Glad you’re enjoying the coverage. Who are you cheering for?

  • Fabian Pang

    Great Promotion for badminton in NZ and the rest of the world.Thank you and keep up the good work.Congratulations for the huge effort done.

  • Peter Y-B Chen

    Awesome tournament – well done to all involved!!
    Best of luck to the participants!

  • Tweety

    Hi Jonathon, will you’ll be uploading these videos?

    • Jonathon Stone

      We will aim to upload videos from the Live Stream at the end of the tournament.

      • hanzhimeng

        To YouTube?

  • badminton21

    Only a few badminton tournament supports live streaming on their official website. Great job!

  • GOODminton

    Thanks fot the livestream… Cheers!

  • Rooney Vie

    Waiting for Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, Awesome skill

  • Arizona

    so, the livestreaming just in court 1??

    • Jonathon Stone

      We have 2 courts streaming on the Youtube link. At the top of the player, you can select Court 1 or Court 2

      • Jefry Munthe

        how to change the link from court 1 to court 2 pls

        • Jonathon Stone

          Click this button at the bottom right of the youtube player Jefry

  • Piendry

    Indonesia still have two hope in MEN’S DOUBLES. GO GO GO ! #IndonesiaBisa

  • Tom Lahay

    This site and the live streaming that you do is a great asset to the badminton community–Wow I am watching live badminton in HD from the other side of the world– on two courts– fantastic job!

    • Jonathon Stone

      Thanks for your support. We strive to deliver a tournament and experience that rivals much bigger events and it is great to hear feedback like this.

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